The summer clerkship program provides the ideal setting for hiring new attorneys from law school. Brown & Fortunato invites qualified second-year law students to clerk at the law firm during the summer between their second and third year of law school. Occasionally first year students are invited to participate if openings exist.

The clerkship program is designed as a working clerkship. Students will experience the culture of the law firm and learn more about the firm while working with our attorneys on client projects. The law firm uses the summer clerk program as an opportunity to get to know the students for purposes of making hiring decisions. The program allows the firm to evaluate the summer clerks on their legal abilities, and it affords social opportunities so the firm can see if the students will fit into the firm culture.

Generally Brown & Fortunato has one summer clerk program during the first half of the summer. The dates of the clerkship are decided each summer, and students may stagger the starting dates depending on their law school schedules.

Social activities may include a trip to Coors Field to see a Denver Rockies game, a rafting trip in New Mexico, an afternoon of golf, hikes or bike rides in Palo Duro Canyon, a competitive game of paint ball, and the play “Texas” at Palo Duro Canyon. Many activities are designed to be compatible with the interests of the clerks. The firm usually schedules several parties, and attorneys have smaller dinner parties so they can get to know the clerks on a more personal basis.

The summer clerk program usually involves a six week period. Salary for the clerkship is decided from year to year and is competitive with other Amarillo law firms. The firm assists students in finding suitable housing for the summer clerk program, but housing is the student’s responsibility.

Fall 2017 on campus interview sites

On Tour Interview Program in Dallas, Texas – July 27
University of Texas, August 10
Southern Methodist University, August 9
University of Oklahoma, TBD
University of Kansas, August 22
Texas Tech University, August 17
University of New Mexico, TBD
Brown & Fortunato is actively recruiting from the top 25 law schools in the United States.

Further Information

Law students who attend these schools are encouraged to contact Nicole Shannon.

Nicole Shannon, Administrator
Brown & Fortunato
905 S. Fillmore, Suite 400
P.O. Box 9418
Amarillo, TX 79105