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Today’s healthcare regulatory environment is fraught with pitfalls. The complexity of this environment causes on-going challenges for physicians, DME Providers, hospitals, home health agencies, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers trying to do business and treat patients.

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Operations, licensing, accreditation, and certification

Healthcare entities are first and foremost businesses. These businesses need to generate a profit and maintain solid operational practices. To aid clients with the business side of healthcare, our attorneys assist and represent them in a variety of operational, licensure, accreditation, and certification matters. These attorneys advise hospitals on medical staff bylaws and peer reviews. At Brown & Fortunato, our attorneys also assist these institutions with quality management issues and the complex relationship between physicians and hospitals. Our attorneys also help clients structure business transactions that meet their goals while considering limitations put forward by healthcare regulations.

Reimbursement issues

Reimbursement from patients, insurance carriers, and government agencies is central for any healthcare entity to generate income and profit. Medicare and Medicaid rules for reimbursement and coverage are always changing. To help speed up and ease the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement process, our lawyers help clients understand the current rules. Lawyers at Brown & Fortunato also have knowledge on all aspects of Medicare coverage as well as Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D reimbursement matters. Our attorneys conduct desk and on-site audits to identify any problems in providers’ documentation and claim submission processes. These attorneys also represent clients nationally throughout the Medicare appeals process.

Payor audits

Payor audits are routine in the healthcare industry. Medicare, Medicaid, insurance carriers, state agencies and payors use audits to identify problems and identify potential fraud. Our attorneys can represent clients responding to payor audits and in responding to audits, subpoenas, and documentation requests. We have good working relationships with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, with insurance carriers and their intermediaries, and state administrative agencies. These working relationships allow our attorneys to assist and represent clients in the most effective way possible.

Legal representation

The healthcare regulatory environment comes with severe criminal and civil penalties for any entity that violates the law. In some cases, even inadvertent violations can result in severe penalties. Whether a client is dealing with Anti-Kickback Statutes, the Stark Law or state Medicaid regulations, our attorneys are here to help. Attorneys at Brown & Fortunato understand the laws and regulations governing the provision of healthcare. We have an understanding of the authorities charged with enforcing laws, and their enforcement priorities. Our lawyers are constantly analyzing new healthcare laws and regulations so that we can assist our clients in responding to changes in the legal environment. We can help clients respond to subpoenas and civil investigative demands. We can provide formal and informal guidance on how to address issues with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and its contractors. Our attorneys can also provide guidance on how to work with the HHS Office of Inspector General and the Department of Justice.

Why choose Brown & Fortunato?

With such a complex regulatory environment to navigate, healthcare entities need to have an experienced, practical law firm to assist and represent them. The attorneys at Brown & Fortunato are very experienced and knowledgeable about healthcare law. Our Healthcare Group is dedicated to offering our clients knowledgeable and realistic advice. With a thorough understanding of healthcare regulations and laws, we can put together practical, innovative solutions for almost any problems faced by our clients. Our law firm does not just specialize in healthcare. We have lawyers who specialize in many other areas of the law including corporate law, litigation, and employment law, which enable us to meet most, if not all, of our clients’ particular legal needs. Contact us at Brown & Fortunato in Amarillo, Texas if you need an experienced attorney to assist you with your healthcare business.