8 Ways Independent Review Organizations Can Help You

IROs can help your healthcare practice with medical claims

Healthcare providers and insurance companies often turn to the assistance of Independent Review Organizations (IROs) to collaborate on reviewing medical claims. IROs are third-party entities that can assist healthcare providers and insurers in reviewing medical claims by providing unbiased determinations. Essentially, an IRO can provide an independent decision to help medical professionals properly manage their […]

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Purchasing The Equity Of A Pharmacy

purchasing the stock of a pharmacy

If you want to acquire a pharmacy, you can either purchase the assets of the business or the stock of the corporation. The following can help you understand stock acquisition and the steps you can take to purchase the stock of a pharmacy. Purchasing a pharmacy through stock acquisition In a stock purchase, the buyer […]

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The Crucial Steps You Must Take When Buying The Assets of A Pharmacy

purchasing the assets of a pharmacy

Pharmacies are a big part of the healthcare industry, but they can be difficult to establish. First, you must purchase property, arrange deals with manufacturers and wholesalers, set-up a compliance policy, train personnel, and obtain the proper licenses. You may consider purchasing the ownership interests in a pharmacy that is already established. Alternatively, you may […]

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4 Benefits Of Hiring A Business Attorney

a business attorney can your company succeed

Owning or starting a business can be difficult, especially if you do not have an attorney to help you navigate the process. Some of the questions business owners may have include those pertaining to legal matters. All business owners must understand what laws concern their company and what to do in case litigation is brought […]

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The Differences Between Litigation And Arbitration

litigation lawyers in Texas

People tend to avoid civil litigation at all costs because it can be expensive, time-consuming, and hard to predict. No one is certain of the outcome until the foreman of the jury hands the paper to the judge, who will read the decision out loud. Today, many use alternative ways to settle a dispute, such […]

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Legal Issues When Selling A Pharmacy In An Asset Sale

get professional legal help when selling a business at Brown & Fortunato

Selling a pharmacy is a complex venture that requires several factors to be completed before a deal is officially made. It is best to enlist the aid of an attorney so the sale can move smoothly. A sale of this nature may require a significant amount of time to complete. You should build a solid […]

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Healthcare Fraud: Compliance With The Stark Law

get expert help with Stark Law compliance with Brown & Fortunato

Healthcare fraud is a significant problem for the Federal government. The government funds medical care for vast numbers of people, but Federal agencies that review claims for services are constrained by budget restrictions that make it difficult to properly reviewing each claim. To protect Medicare and Medicaid, the two largest healthcare programs in the country, […]

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Understanding HME Provider Mergers And Acquisitions

get help selling or buying a business with Brown & Fortunato, P.C.

Mergers and acquisitions (or “M&As”) are legal and business processes that join two companies under one operation. M&As may reduce or remove competition, increase profits, reduce administrative overhead, and can combine the best aspects of former marketplace competitors. M&As are particularly prevalent in the home medical equipment industry (“HME”). Since 2010, there has been a […]

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Understanding The Process Of Transferring Mineral Rights

man signing paper

Selling or buying mineral rights is a legal transaction that requires a real estate deed specifically outlining the types of mineral rights being transferred. State laws generally control these transfers. All parties must be aware of laws and regulations regarding the sale of mineral rights and should have experienced legal assistance during the process. Proving […]

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FDA Cybersecurity Guidance For Medical Device Companies

get help staying security compliant with Brown & Fortunato, P.C.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating food, drugs, and medical devices. This responsibility enables the organization to create regulations, enforce safety standards, and issue recalls. The administration can also release guidelines to help medical device manufacturers confront cybersecurity threats. Hackers exploit companies, governments, and systems because there are gaps in security […]

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