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How Can Legal Consultation Help With Your Business?

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Businesses face a number of legal issues every day. Some hire attorneys when they are in trouble while others have them on staff at all times. Did you know you can also hire an attorney when you need consultation on specific legal matters? This can help you accomplish many things, including keeping your business compliant and staying up-to-date on industry regulations.

Legal advice

As the name suggests, consulting attorneys offer advice on different legal matters. This includes business law, employment and labor law, administration, licensing, and procedures. You can speak with an attorney when you want to hire or fire an employee, for example, or to make sure your practices are compliant with healthcare law. If you aren’t sure what you need, a business attorney can assist you in this area as well.

Document preparation

Another important area of business where an attorney can be of great importance is document preparation. Drafting contracts and other documents can be difficult, especially when you aren’t familiar with the laws associated with each type. Here are just a few examples of what your attorney can help you with.

  • Contracts between you and other entities
  • Client contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Merger and acquisition paperwork
  • Policy handbooks
  • Licensing documents


If you find yourself in a legal situation where your business must correspond with another party, seek legal consultation as soon as possible. It can be devastating to your case if you say the wrong thing, whether in person, on the phone, in an email, over the phone, or in a letter. Attorneys can also speak with entities for you, including unions.

Legal defense

Consulting attorneys can assist you when you are involved in legal proceedings, as well as before these unfortunate circumstances happen. Attorneys can represent your business against another party or in your defense. They will handle all research involved in crafting a successful defense as well as any documentation that is necessary.

Other situations where an attorney can assist you

There are other times when an attorney can help you with a consultation. When you are incorporating your business, they can help you do all of the necessary paperwork. They can also help you maintain any annual upkeep your business requires and close or sell when you are ready for your net venture.

Tips for hiring a business attorney

The best time to hire an attorney is before you need one. Many people wait until they are being sued or until they can’t handle keeping up with compliance laws. This is not recommended. Here are some tips to help you find a good business attorney before it is too late.

  1. Choose the right size firm. Huge, corporate firms tend to charge more while tiny firms may not have the expertise you need.
  2. Make sure they know their stuff. The right law firm and attorney will understand your industry. They will also be able to anticipate unknowns.
  3. Look into the experience as well as education. Your attorney should have a good mix of both.
  4. Ask about their past clients. You need to make sure they are capable of working with businesses similar in scope and size to yours.

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