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Why Businesses Need An Employment Litigation Lawyer

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Do you have an employment litigation attorney ready to take your call at any time? Employers are required, by law, to follow ever-changing state and federal employment laws. You want to spend your hard earned profits on building your business instead of paying fines or defending lawsuits. An employment litigation lawyer can help you do just that.

Why do you need to hire an employment litigation lawyer now, instead of later?

Your employee handbook and training process fails to adequately address sexual harassment or allegations of discrimination. A new employee begins making unwanted sexual advances towards a co-worker. How do you respond? Do you have a trusted advisor that already knows you and your business?

You have an employee who is not performing to expectations and you fire him. He comes back and sues you for discrimination because he is a minority. You didn’t document why you terminated him. What is your defense? Could you have done a better job of avoiding this conflict?

An employee comes to you with a complaint that her manager treats her differently because she is female. You don’t do anything about it and the employee quits. She brings a claim against your company with the EEOC. What did you do wrong? Could you have nipped this situation in the bud?

Employers face these scenarios, and similar ones, every day. Each scenario could be avoided with the help of an experienced employment litigation lawyer.

The advantages of having an employment litigation lawyer on retainer

The best approach when it comes to meeting employer/employee legal requirements is to do the right thing from day one. An employment litigation lawyer can help you make that happen.

The employment litigation lawyer can help you determine what kind of training you will need to provide all employees in regards to sexual harassment and discrimination. This lawyer can also help you put together an employee handbook that reiterates the training and work rules.

Firing a worker is an area that sometimes brings claims of discrimination. Having a carefully crafted discipline and termination process for employees is essential to mitigate these kinds of claims. Having an employment litigation lawyer can help you build this process.

Classifying workers is another area that can be tricky for some businesses. These businesses want to keep costs down and think that classifying all employees as salaried will do the trick. Misclassifying employees can get a business in big trouble. Consulting with an employment litigation lawyer will help avoid these kinds of problems.

What happens if you get sued?

If a current or former employee decides to file a lawsuit or make a claim with a government agency, you definitely need an experienced employment litigation lawyer at your side. This lawyer can help you through the entire process from start to finish, representing you at hearings and in the courtroom, if needed.

The best choice is to have a solid relationship already established with an attorney before even the first whiff of litigation. The employment litigation lawyer will be very familiar with your business and should be able to gather all the needed evidence quickly.

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